Herbst Agri Crusher doing the business for the Isle of Wight

The latest delivery on a New Herbst Agri Crusher, is to the Isle of Wight, for applications predominantly in recycling of demolition material.

The customer was delighted with his new purchase, as he puts the machine straight to work on a stockpile of material. With the crusher in place, material can now be processed on a daily basis, allowing better management and throughput of products within his recycling business.

The key advantages of the Herbst Agri Crusher for this particular customer, included the following:-

  • Simplicity in design and operation
  • No Power Unit, or Hydraulic or Electrical Systems to worry about
  • Transport is quick and easy
  • Setup is immediate
  • Effective crushing unit for all types of material
  • Crush Size easily altered, even whilst crushing
  • Affordable Investment / Low Risk
  • Gets the job done!